About Nereid Environmental Systems Nereid Environmental Systems

About Nereid Environmental Systems

Nereid Environmental Systems is committed to restoring the natural balance of bodies of affected water without the use of chemicals or biological agents.

Nereid Environmental Systems, named for the protectors of the sea in Greek mythology, has developed the first sustainable, environmentally-friendly solution to combat the devastating toxic algae blooms appearing in bodies of water around the world. Blue-green algae, cyanobacteria and red tides are all examples of harmful algae blooms that are having severe impacts on aquatic ecosystems, human and animal health, and the travel and tourism industry – costing millions of dollars in lost revenue to areas affected.

Our innovative, first-of-its-kind, environmentally safe and sustainable solution not only eliminates toxic algae blooms without the use of any chemicals or biological agents but prevents them from returning or forming in the first place. The patented process equipment, which we have named ‘Mermaids’, absorbs nutrients, preventing or eliminating toxic algae blooms, producing a harmless biodegradable byproduct, which is responsibly collected by Nereid on a regular basis. Our patented process, powered by solar and wind energy, restores the natural balance in bodies of water affected by toxic algae blooms. The result is a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective solution to the harmful effects of toxic algae.



Nereid Environmental Systems is committed to the health and
wellbeing of marine communities.